Audition Information


Auditions are required for all new members, and take place at the beginning of each academic semester at Amarillo College, Music Building room 306 (August and January).  The audition will include checking vocal range and quality, pitch accuracy, ear skills, and sight reading ability.  A prepared piece is not required. For more information about the auditions, please contact AMC director, Dr. Steve Weber at (806) 371-5344, or email at stweber [at] actx [dot] edu .


After passing the audition, all members are required to register for either a Continuing Education Class or an Academic Class at Amarillo College under the course name "Choral Union" (a state required name).    Current fees for registration can be located at the Amarillo College website.     Payment to Amarillo College for course fees can be by cash, check, or credit card.   Registration can be done online for your convenience, but only after passing the audition.


All music will be provided at no cost, either by AMC, Amarillo College, or by the Amarillo Symphony.    Members will be financially responsible for damaged or lost music, or failure to return music at a reasonable time after a final performance.   Please DO NOT hole punch music provided by the symphony.   Members are responsible for providing a black choir folder.


Women wear long black dresses (preferably long or 3/4 length sleeves) or a combination of long sleeve black blouses and long black skirts with black shoes.   Jewelry should be subtle to reduce visual distractions during performance.

Men wear black tuxes, white shirts with black bow ties, black socks and shoes.

Members are responsible for obtaining their own concert dress.